February 16, 2012

Going out with the dogs

15cm x 15cm  Oil on canvas board
A study that I painted almost three years ago was the inspiration for this artwork.

Very challenging for me to do, not only because it is so different to catch the scene without the fresh cold air, the noise the snow makes when you step to and away from the easel while painting, or some crows flying off in the distance, but also because of the format. I really like the proportion 4:5 for my canvas.

I still remember that crisp winter morning when I went out to paint this wonderful morning light.
When two people with their dogs passed me by I took a chance and jotted  their silhouettes down quickly. Well, sometimes one wins and sometimes one looses.
I think I got this one.

Another one for Michael´s "painting diary".

Hi everyone.
I´ve decided to put this out on auction again.


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