October 22, 2014

Road Show

30cm x 40cm  oil on stretched canvas

A lady selling art in the Munich city center, one late afternoon.
I tried to paint the scenery plein air, but when she got up to pack up, I was glad to have taken some photos.
So a photo reference was the starting point for this painting.
Though painted in the studio, the painting still feels plein air, I think.

Value Study

Actually the photo reference was the starting point for this vital value study. An extra effort but definately worth doing it.
A photo editing software can be used to cut the photo in such a way that would place the scenery how you want it on canvas. You can also set the grid the way you need it in order to transfere the image.
Once you get the values correctly represented and the sketch makes sense, 
the fun can begin with blocking in the main shapes and colours.
I don´t approach every painting this way. Most of the time the painting "tells" me how to paint it ;-)
With the study done with a thin wash of  warm greys, you can already see where one area needs to be darker, lighter or is fine.

Hope this helps to paint better paintings yourself, if you do paint.

Here are some details of the painting

No black is used in my paintings.

the face is represented only with two values - blue in the shadows

colour variety in the lights and hardly sharp edges

shadows don´t have to be dull - colorful variety brings them to life

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