January 8, 2015

New reduced prices

Dear visitor,

I´ve decided to reduce prices on my paintings.

In the next few days I am working on updating my blog 
in respect to this.

In the meantime I ask you kindly to 
see my Daily Paintwork Gallery for already updated prices.

The PayPal link there is updated as well.

This means even if you click "buy now with PayPal" on my blog 
you will be redirected to my DPW Gallery page 
with its updated PayPal link.

Also, in the near future, after the update is completed,
you will be able to use the PayPal button 
directly from this blog.

Please see  "Evening sun" and 
"Armani ?" 
for this.

Thank you for your understanding and
sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

Yours sincerely
Michael sason


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