February 27, 2015

Munich, Maximilianstraße

20cm x 20cm oil on canvas board

As much as I wanted to paint cityscapes and now also do, I find them very challenging. 
Not so much the colors or the composition but ..., yes ..., drawing. 
The perspective, cars, people moving, etc.
I think one of the most important matters to painting in general is drawing. 
If values are fine, the composition well chosen, you have variety in your brushstrokes and a lovely color harmony but don´t have a good drawing ...

Especially when painting plein air. One is on location, ready to go. 
You´re all excited and just want to put all the colors down on your canvas that you see 
and find later, all that you got is a good color-scheme-reference for a future painting. 
By the way for those of you who are painting: please don´t scrap those paintings, they are still very valuable, all the light and shadow colors are there, the values, 
only if it would have been drawn better.

Well that´s just me ;-)


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