Shipping & Handling / Return policy

Shipping and Handling:

Paintings will be shipped worldwide. When you come to the PayPal page you will see that $10 for the cost of shipping and handling has already been added - $15 for paintings 18cm x 24 cm.

You will receive the painting, safely packed, with recorded delivery and insured ready for display on a mini-easel or to be framed. Both, mini-easel and frame are not included in the sale. Please see your local store for those items.

The paintings are done with highest quality oil paint by Michael Sason. Its surface is protected with a mat varnish that forms a watertight, highly elastic surface resistant to aging and yellowing.
For some paintings I use traditional beeswax varnish which gives a matt shine to the surface as well. It can be wiped with a very soft cloth to remove the dust and refresh the smooth shine.   
"I think a mat varnish reduces light bouncing back to the viewer". However, as this is a matter of taste, this can be changed. Please see your local framer for this option. For your information: both varnishes can be removed with mild solvents without damaging the painting. Please see your local art store if you want to change the varnish.

Please understand that the colors may vary slightly between the actual painting and the image on your screen due to my digital camera´s results and your monitor. I do my very best to establish a true representation of the artwork with my digital camera.

Return Policy:
Full refund (minus PayPal charges) within 30 days, buyer bears return shipping cost.

Auction Return Policy:
Full refund (minus PayPal and DPW* charges) within 30 days, buyer bears return shipping cost.

* DPW charges: 3% ($25 max per painting) on winning bid
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